Municipality of Saint-Point Lac (Doubs)


8 rue du Port

F-25160 Saint-Point Lac

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1-Stay conditions:

The stay on the municipal campsite of Saint-Point Lac must be approved by the campsite management. The campsite management has to care for order and cleanliness on the place as well as for the observance of the house rules. The stay at the campsite requires the knowledge of these rules and the readiness to comply with them.

2-Police registration:

Every guest who would like to spend at least one night on the campsite must first registerwith the campsite administration and present for it his ID-card or passport. The necessary formalities are regulated among other things by the article R. 611-42 of the code of law concerning the right of residence of foreigners as well as the right of asylum. The data collected (name, first name, date and place of birth, permanent residence) are stored in the software used to allocate the pitches.

Unaccompanied minors will only be admitted upon presentation of written permission from their parents.

3–Settling down on the pitches:

Tent, caravan, motorhome and the associated equipment must be set up or put down on the allocated pitch in accordance with the instructions of the campsite management. From security and environmental reasons, caravans and motorhomes more than 8-meter length are not accepted.

4- Reception:

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 9.00 – 12.00 and 16.00 – 19.00
  • Friday-Saturday 00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 19.00
  • Sunday 9.00 – 12.00 and 16.00 – 19.00

Outside the opening hours, the available pitches are announced on a board at the entrance.

Depending on the occupancy, these opening hours can be changed – this will be announced by poster.

The reception can provide information about the service on the campsite, the shopping facilities, the leisure facilities, the tourist highlights of the region as well as various addresses that may be useful. A customer survey is available to our guests. Complaints can only be considered if they are well documented and refer to specific and timely incidents.

In the reception building including lounge and in its immediate vicinity Wi-Fi reception is possible.

5 –Notices:

These house rules are posted at the entrance to the campsite and at the reception. It will be given to any customer who requests it.  The classification of the campsite and the number of pitches in both official categories (” tourisme ” = holiday pitches and ” loisirs ” = permanent camper pitches) are indicated at the entrance and at the reception. The official classification report can be viewed at the reception.

The price list is also posted at the entrance and at the reception.

6 –Permanent camper pitches categorie ‘’loisirs’’:

Although the municipal campsite of Saint-Point Lac has a 3-star classification for its holiday pitches, it also has permanent camper pitches that are rented for the whole season.

By municipal council decision, the number of permanent camper pitches is limited to 15 (out of a total of 87). 72 pitches are therefore marked as holiday pitches. Of the 15 permanent camper pitches are 6 in the front row with direct lake view (from 12 such pitches).

The house rules apply to the permanent camper pitches as well as the holliday pitches, in particular the admission of visitors (see chapter 9), the police registration (see chapter 2) for all guests who spend at least one night on the campsite and parking of vehicles (see chapter 10).

The subletting of a permanent camper pitch is strictly prohibited.


7 –Departure formalities:

The guests of the campsite are requested to pay their bill the day before their departure.

In case of early departure, the deposit paid in connection with a reservation will not be refunded.

8 – Noise, sleep and pets:

Our guests are fundamentaly asked to prevent any noise disturbance (including too loud conversation) that could disturb their neighbors. Sound storage mediums are to be used accordingly. Car doors and boots should be closed as quietly as possible.

Owners of pets must submit with their registration a rabies vaccination proof which dates back less than one year as well as the microchip number or tattoo number of the animal – this information will be entered in a special register.

Dogs and other pets may not be left alone on the campsite – even if they are locked up. Their owners are responsible in every case for their animals. Dogs may not run around on the campsite ground freely, but must be led on a leashand if necessary their excrements may be collected. The access to the sanitary building, to the lounge as well as to the lake is forbidden to them. Infrigements are punishable.

From 23.00 to 7.00 o’clock absolute night rest applies.

9- Visitors:

In agreement with the campsite management, visitors can be accepted on the campsite.Their hosts are responsible for these visitors. These visitors can use the facilities of the campsite freely – with the exception of the showers, the use of which must be approved by the campsite management and which are subject to charges.

These visitors are not allowed to park their vehicles on the campsite ground – they must be parked in the car park in front of the campsite.

10–Traffic regulationson the campsite:

On the campsite ground the maximum speed of 10 km/h applies.

All car traffic is prohibited between 23.00 and 7.00.

On the camping site only the vehicles of the campers are allowed to move. These vehicles should be parked in such a way that they do not affect the traffic and the arrival of new guests. Permanent campers may park a second car on their pitch for a daily fee.

11–Cleanliness and tidiness:

The guests of the campsite should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, especially in the sanitary facilities.Also prohibited is e.g. to wash vehicles or to carry out maintenance work.

Wastewater should not be dumped on the ground or in rainwater gullies and canals.

Chemical toilets of caravans and motorhomes must be emptied into the designated disposal facility.

Various containers are available for waste disposal – packaging made of cardboard and plastic, paper and glass are sorted separately!

Dish washing and clothes washing should take place in the designated sinks.

Clothes drying on a leash is tolerated as long as it does not disturb the pitch neighbor.

Flowers and green areas should be protected: no nails should be beaten into the trees, no branches sawn off and no new plants cultivated!

No new parking space limitations may be made and no gutters dug up (except in emergencies such as flood and then with the permission of the campsite management).

For the removal of damages of all kinds (facilities, fence, plants and trees) the responsible camper is liable.

The pitch should be left in the same condition as it was found.

Any incident or damage should be reported immediately to the campsite management so that they can take appropriate action.

The guests on the campground may not interfere with the staff mowing or repair work.

12 – Safety precautions:

a) Fire prevention

Open fireplaces (for example with wood or charcoal) are strictly prohibited on the pitches. Barbecuing is only allowed on the two designated barbecue areas.

On the pitches, gas or electricity grills are permitted.

In any case, make sure that the grill is in perfect condition and refrain from using it in case of imminent danger (strong wind!).

In case of fire, the campsite management must be notified immediately.

Please only use the fire extinguishers in case of emergency!

A first aid kit is also available at the reception.

b) Flood

In the event of a strong thunderstorm or flood, the lounge can be used by the campers concerned as a retreat area in agreement with the campsite management.

c) Theft and property damage

Although the campsite management has a general duty of supervision, guests are asked to take the usual security measures to protect their belongings.The campers remain responsible for their property and should report the presence of unannounced visitors to the staff.

The campsite management can not be held liable for stolen property, nor for damage caused by unauthorized visitors.

13 – Games:

Violent or loud and disturbing games are prohibited on the whole camping site ground, in the sanitary building and in the lounge.

In the playground children play in accompaniment and under the supervision of their parents.

In addition, parents generally have a duty to oversee their children.

14– Unoccupied pitch:

A pitch can only be left unoccupied after agreement with the campsite management – the pitch fee continue to be charged at the normal price.

15- Infrigements:

If a camper disturbs or harasses other guests by his behavior, the campsite management can warn him verbally or in writing.

In the case of a permanent failure to comply with the rules of the house by a guest and after unsuccessful warning, the campsite management is authorized, in consultation with the mayor of the municipality of Saint-Point Lac, to terminate the accommodation contract of this guest. In case of a criminal offence the campsite administration may address the rural police.

The mayor of the municipality Saint-Point Lac,

Patricia FAGIANI

Accepted payment methods

+ on site: cash or credit/debit cards

+ for bookings of a season package:deposit by SEPA bank transfer

Cancellation and refund conditions

NEW – a deposit by bank transfer is no longer required for a short stay. If you receive such a request, do not respond to it: it is not from us, and it is probably a scam attempt!